Advanced course

Course description :

This advanced course will provide all necessary guidelines for the implementation of large-scale mangrove restoration and rehabilitation projects. It will share procedures and methodologies in order to get carbon credits from a certified body.  Activities to improve the coastal environment and its bio-diversity and livelihoods to benefit the poor communities will be guided based on WIF’s 10 years of project implementation.

Target groups for this course:

They are professional staff in mangrove planting, restoration, and/or rehabilitation projects. The target participants will include project developers in carbon credit verification.

Course learning elements:

The course consists of 9 modules covering 48 lessons.  There are articles to read, videos to see, reports to write, group discussions to join, and quizzes to take. Learners can study by themselves but we recommend that studying in groups is more effective. Please contact the course teacher, if you wish to study in a group.

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