Evaluation guidelines

Objective(s) of the website

– To deliver a hands-on and practical solution for mangrove restoration to coastal communities in different geographic locations.
– To inspire coastal communities around the world to plant and restore their mangrove forests.

A. How is the content delivered?

  • Accuracy?
  • Up-to-date?
  • Practicality?
  • Etc

B. How about the Self-Learning Methodology?

  • Appropriateness?
  • Learning activities?
  • Interactive?
  • Simplicity?
  • Etc?

C. Illustrations, are they efficient?

  • Photos/Images?
  • Video Stories/Hands-on Clips?
  • Graphics?
  • Etc?

D. Registration : Login: and Navigation

  • How intuitive is it?
  • How is the flow on Course-Modules-lessons?
  • How are the guidelines and instructions?
  • Etc?

You can write your evaluation report in the space below