Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About our courses

1. Can we study in a group?

No, at the moment. Due to the time zone differences, we are in the process to set up private chat rooms for this purpose. Members will have to agree to study together within the same duration.

2. What would be the longest duration until we complete the course?

It could be quick as a few days or as long as 1-2 months depending on how many hours the students allocate their time daily or weekly.

3. Who are our course teachers?

The teachers of this course are experienced managers and professors from various Universities in many countries.

4. Will there be more courses?

Yes, we are working on advanced courses. Our courses will provide all necessary guidelines for the implementation of large-scale mangrove restoration and rehabilitation projects. It will share procedures and methodologies in order to guarantee carbon credits from certified bodies.  Activities to improve the coastal environment and its bio-diversity and livelihoods to benefit the poor communities will be guided based on WIF’s 10 years of project implementation.